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I recently wrote a speech for former Prime Minister, Paul Martin - a continuation on a Canadian theme, perhaps, since I also founded the highest-grossing Shopify e-commerce site in Canada, Canadian Icons. For that, I was touted as a marketing legend. Prior to that I was the editor of chickaDEE, Canada's largest kids' magazine. I also created a kids' magazine focused on building literacy among youth in Nunavut. I know a little about the Arctic, having lived, volunteered and worked there (as the PR & Marketing manager for the 2002 Arctic Winter Games). I also know a bit about educational kids' magazines. I was the Founding Editor of Kayak: Canada's History Magazine for Kids (see me on television here - ouch!). All of this communications experience and talent culminates in highly-effective marketing and PR strategies for leading companies, products and (now omnipresent) people. Need help telling your story, managing a media crisis, or elevating *your* brand? Click below - we're here to help! Some of our favourite artists just became clients here. Fave mag (sorry Canadian publishers) here. Fave work tunes here. Usual nonsense here. One dream in action here. One dream coming soon here.
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